Accepted Papers

List of accepted papers (O = oral presentation, P = poster presentation; detailed program will appear soon):

7 P Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
9 O Improved action recognition by combining multiple 2D views in the Bag-of-Words model
13 O Meta-Tracking for Video Scene Understanding
16 O Learning a Bag of Features based Nonlinear Metric for Facial Similarity
17 P Improvement of the real-time gesture analysis by a new mother wavelet and the application for the navigation
    inside a scale-one 3D system 
19 P Efficient Representation of Distributions for Background Subtraction
20 P Frame-by-frame crowd motion classification from affine motion models
21 P Real-time online camera synchronization for volume carving on GPU
22 O Superpixel-based Segmentation of Moving Objects for Low Bitrate ROI Coding Systems
24 O Localized Anomaly Detection via Hierarchical Integrated Activity Discovery
27 P Analysis Control Middleware for Large-Scale Video Surveillance
28 P Towards Real-Time and Low-Latency Video Object Tracking by Linking Tracklets of Incomplete Detections
29 O Full Body Human Attribute Detection in Indoor Surveillance Environment Using Color-Depth Information
30 P Conditional Bayesian Networks for Action Detection
35 O An Improved Method of Crowd Counting Based on Regression
39 P Human Action Retrieval via Efficient Feature Matching
42 P Locality Based Discriminative Measure for Multiple-shot Person Re-identification
43 P Enforcing Privacy through Usage Controlled Video Surveillance
44 P Generalized Local N-ary Patterns for Texture Classification
47 O Stationary foreground detection for video-surveillance based on foreground and motion history images
49 O Tamper Detection for Active Surveillance Systems
53 O Evaluation of Multiple Motion Models for Multiple Pedestrian Visual Tracking
54 O Abnormal Acoustic Event Localization based on Selective Frequency Bin in High Noise Environment for
    Audio Surveillance
57 O Structured learning for detection of social groups in crowd
59 O Online Multiperson Tracking With Occlusion Reasoning and Unsupervised Track Motion Model
62 P Video Segmentation with Spatio-Temporal Tubes
63 P Robust Video-based Face Recognition by Sequential Sample Consensus
66 P Curvelet Fusion of Panchromatic and Satellite Imagery Using Fractional Lower Order Moments
69 P Tree-Based Vehicle Color Classification  Using Spatial Features on Publicly Available Continuous Data
70 O Co-occurrence-based Adaptive Background Model for Robust Object Detection
71 P Vehicle Logo Recognition Based on Bag-of-Words
74 P Study on Algorithm for Panoramic Image Basing on High Sensitivity and High Resolution Panoramic
    Surveillance Camera
76 P Real time Video Fire Detection using Spatio-Temporal Consistency Energy
80 P Multiple Cue Indexing and Summarization of Surveillance Video
89 P Activity Recognition and Uncertain Knowledge in Video Scenes
90 P Sensing floors for privacy-compliant surveillance of wide areas
97 P Semi-supervised Multi-feature Learning for Person Re-identification
98 P Circularity and Self-Similarity Analysis for the Precise Location of the Pupils
100 P Energy-aware and robust task (re)assignment in embedded smart camera networks
103 O Person Tracking-by-Detection with Efficient Selection of Part-Detectors
107 O Audio surveillance using a Bag of Aural Words classifier
108 P A proposal of a solution for age band prediction from human faces
110 O An Efficient Pixel-wise Method for Moving Object Detection in Complex Scenes
112 O Reducing Camera Vibrations and Photometric Changes in Surveillance Video 
113 P A People Counting System for Business Analytics
117 P System and Algorithms on Detection of Objects Embedded in Perspective Geometry using Monocular Cameras
118 P Energy-Transfer Features and their Application in the Task of Face Detection
119 O Spatial Mixture of Gaussians for dynamic background modelling
122 P An investigation of visual features to detect spiders/cobwebs in surveillance camera networks
125 O Gait Recognition Based on Marker-less 3D Motion Capture
128 O Selective Attention Automatic Focus for cognitive crowd monitoring
131 O Unsupervised Online Learning of Visual Focus of Attention
134 O Sound Source Localization for Video Surveillance Camera
135 P AWARE: A Video Monitoring Library applied to the ATC context
136 P Multi-shot SURF-based Person Re-identification via sparse representation
137 P Evaluation of a Monitoring System for Event Recognition of Older People
138 P Knowledge Modeling for Privacy-by-Design in Smart Surveillance Solution
139 O Enhancing Human Detection using Crowd Density Measures and an adaptive Correction Filter
143 P Multicamera Object Detection and Tracking with Object Size Estimation
144 P Binocular Video Object Tracking with Fast Disparity Estimation
147 O Reference-Based Person Re-Identification
148 P Online Tracking Parameter Adaptation based on Evaluation
149 P inVISO: The Intelligent Video Analysis and Surveillance System for Assisting Human Operators
150 P Detection and tracking of groups in crowd
152 P Using Face Morphing to Protect Privacy
155 P Edge-segment-based Background Modeling: Non-parametric Online Background Update
156 O Reading Between the Turns: Statistical Modeling for Identity Recognition and Verification in Chats
160 P Recognition of Signed Expressions Observed by Kinect Sensor
165 P An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation