PDF version of the AVSS-2013 Program Guide is available here:   AVSS-2013-Program-Guide-final.pdf

Program at a Glance
  Tuesday, August 27  

  Wednesday, August 28    Thursday, August 29      Friday, August 30  
 AMMDS Workshop (Part 1) 

 Keynote 1: B. Schiele    Keynote 2: S. Peleg    Keynote 3: M. Nixon 
 AMMDS Workshop (Part 2)    Crowd Analysis    Event Detection and 
 Background Modeling 
  Identification and 

 Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
 LRFA and VRS Workshops 
 Pedestrian Detection 
 and Tracking 
 Audio and Text 
  Poster Session 2 

 (in parallel)   Poster Spotlights   Poster Session 1   Object Detection 

 Industrial Panel    

  Welcome Reception   Mitsubishi Industrial Expo
and Dinner
 Conference Banquet Closing Remarks 

Detailed Program

  Tuesday, August 27  
08:00  Registration desk opens

09:00 - 10:15   Activity Monitoring by Multiple Distributed Sensing (AMMDS) Workshop - Part 1  
  Opening Remarks by Organizers
Pier Luigi Mazzeo and Cosimo Distante

A Sparsity-Driven Approach to Multi-camera Tracking in Visual Sensor Networks
Serhan Coşar, Müjdat Çetin

People Counting across Spatially Disjoint Cameras by Flow Estimation Between Foreground Regions
Naoko Nitta, Takayuki Nakazaki, Kazuaki Nakamura, Ryota Akai, Noboru Babaguchi

Pedestrian Detection in Single Frame by Edgelet-LBP Part Detectors
Zhixuan Li, Yanyun Zhao

10:15 - 10:45 Coffee break

10:45 - 12:00  Activity Monitoring by Multiple Distributed Sensing (AMMDS) Workshop - Part 2 
A Distributed Heterogeneous Sensor Network for Tracking and Monitoring
Antonio Petitti, Annalisa Milella, Donato Di Paola, Pier Luigi Mazzeo,
Paolo Spagnolo, Grazia Cicirelli, Giovanni Attolico

A Multisensor Surveillance System for Automated Border Control (eGate)
David Schreiber, Andreas Kriechbaum, Michael Rauter

An Automatic System for Sports Analytics in Multi-Camera Tennis Videos
Rafael Martín Nieto, José María Martínez Sánchez

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch break

13:30 - 14:40  Low-Resolution Face Analysis (LRFA) Workshop - part 1 
  Opening Remarks by Organizers
Stefan Duffner and Christophe Garcia
  Invited Talk:   Deep Learning for Low Resolution Face Analysis,  Christophe Garcia
Real-Time Acquisition of High Quality Face Sequences from an Active Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
Mohammad A. Haque, Kamal Nasrollahi, Thomas B. Moeslund

 14:40 - 15:00 Coffee break
 15:00 - 16:45   Low-Resolution Face Analysis (LRFA) Workshop - part 2 
Face Detection Method Based on Photoplethysmography
Guillaume Gibert, David D'Alessandro, Florian Lance

Resolution-Aware Constrained Local Model with Mixture of Local Experts
Chengchao Qu, Eduardo Monari, Tobias Schuchert

Extending a Local Matching Face Recognition Approach to Low-Resolution Video
Christian Herrmann

  Closing Remarks
13:30 – 14:40  Vehicle Retrieval in Surveillance (VRS) Workshop - part 1 
  Opening Remarks by Organizers
Lisa M. Brown and Jun-Wei Hsieh
   VRS Plenary Talk: "Automatic Lane Detection from Vehicle Motion Trajectories" 
 Dr. Zezhi Chen and Prof. Tim Ellis, Kingston University, United Kingdom 
  Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Using Symmetrical SURF
Jun-Wei Hsieh, Li-Chih Chen, Duan-Yu Chen, Shyi-Chyi Cheng
 14:40 - 15:00  Coffee break
 15:00 - 16:45  Vehicle Retrieval in Surveillance (VRS) Workshop - part 2 
   VRS Plenary Talk: "Vehicle Traffic and Parking Lot Management"  
 Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Sidla, SLR Engineering, Austria  
Vehicle Dimensions Estimation Scheme Using AAM on Stereoscopic Video
Robert Ratajczak, Tomasz Grajek, Krzysztof Wegner, Krzysztof Klimaszewski, Maciej Kurc, Marek Domański

Invited Talk:  Autonomous Tracking of Vehicle Taillights and Detection of Breaks and Turn Signals
Yu Zheng

  Invited Talk:  Super-Resolution Logo Classification
Bir Bhanu
  Discussion on Benchmark Datasets and Future Directions
Lisa Brown, Jun-Wei Hsieh
18:00  Main Square Tours and Welcome Reception (Main Square Underground) 

  Wednesday, August 28  
08:00  Registration desk opens

08:50 – 09:00  Welcome
Janusz Konrad and Marek Domański

09:00 - 10:00   Keynote Lecture 1:   "Visual Scene Understanding - It's Time to Address it Again" 
 Speaker: Prof. Bernt Schiele, Director, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany 
 Chair: Krystian Mikołajczyk  

10:00 – 10:20  Coffee break

10:20 – 12:00  Crowd Analysis 
Chair: Patrick Bouthemy
Meta-Tracking for Video Scene Understanding
Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Yannick Benezeth, Yi Wang

Structured Learning for Detection of Social Groups in Crowd
Francesco Solera, Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara

Selective Attention Automatic Focus for Cognitive Crowd Monitoring
Simone Chiappino, Lucio Marcenaro, Carlo Regazzoni

Enhancing Human Detection using Crowd Density Measures and an Adaptive Correction Filter
Volker Eiselein,Hajer Fradi, Ivo Keller, Thomas Sikora, Jean-Luc Dugelay

Unsupervised Online Learning of Visual Focus of Attention
Stefan Duffner, Christophe Garcia

12:00 – 13:30  Lunch break

13:30 – 14:30   Pedestrian Detection and Tracking 
Chair: Rita Cucchiara
Evaluation of Multiple Motion Models for Multiple Pedestrian Visual Tracking
Francisco Madrigal, Jean-Bernard Hayet

Online Multiperson Tracking with Occlusion Reasoning and Unsupervised Track Motion Model
Niall McLaughlin, Jesus Martinez del Rincon, Paul Miller

Person Tracking-by-Detection with Efficient Selection of Part-Detectors
Arne Schumann, Martin Bäuml, Rainer Stiefelhagen

14:30 – 15:00   Poster Spotlight Session, Part 1 (Thursday posters) 
Chair: Jean-Marc Odobez

15:00 – 15:20 Coffee break

15:20 – 15:50   Poster Spotlight Session, Part 2 (Friday posters) 
Chair: Jean-Marc Odobez

16:00 – 17:00   Industrial Panel Discussion 
“Are Smart Cameras Ready for Prime Time?”
Moderator: Andrea Cavallaro

Charles Attwood (Thales Research and Technology, UK)
Toygar Akgun (Aselsan, Turkey)
Christian Fabre (CEA LETI, France)
Piotr Szczuko (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland)

Industrial Panel Slides

17:45  Bus departure for Mitsubishi Industrial Expo and Dinner (departure from the Radisson Blu Hotel

  Thursday, August 29  
08:00 Registration Desk Opens

08:30 - 09:00  Poster setup

09:00 – 10:00   Keynote Lecture 2:   "Video Synopsis"
Speaker: Prof. Shmuel Peleg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel  
 Chair: Adam Krzyżak  

10:00 - 10:20  Coffee break

10:20 – 12:00   Event Detection and Background Modeling 
Chair: Carlo Regazzoni
Localized Anomaly Detection via Hierarchical Integrated Activity Discovery
Thiyagarajan Chockalingam, Rémi Emonet, Jean-Marc Odobez

Tamper Detection for Active Surveillance Systems
Theodore Tsesmelis, Lars Christensen, Preben Fihl, Thomas B. Moeslund

Spatial Mixture of Gaussians for Dynamic Background Modelling
Sriram Varadarajan, Paul Miller, Huiyu Zhou

Reducing Camera Vibrations and Photometric Changes in Surveillance Video
Jens Eisenbach, Matthias Mertz, Christian Conrad, Rudolf Mester

Stationary Foreground Detection for Video-Surveillance Based on Foreground and
Motion History Images

Diego Ortego, Juan Carlos San Miguel

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch break

13:30 – 14:50  Audio and Text Surveillance 
Chair: Christophe Garcia
Audio Surveillance Using a Bag of Aural Words Classifier
Vincenzo Carletti, Pasquale Foggia, Gennaro Percannella, Alessia Saggese, Nicola Strisciuglio, Mario Vento

Abnormal Acoustic Event Localization Based on Selective Frequency Bin in High Noise Environment
for Audio Surveillance

Suwon Shon, David Han, Hanseok Ko

Sound Source Localization for Video Surveillance Camera
Jacek Stachurski, Lorin Netsch, Randy Cole

Reading Between the Turns: Statistical Modeling for Identity Recognition and Verification in Chats
Giorgio Roffo, Cristina Segalin, Alessandro Vinciarelli, Vittorio Murino, Marco Cristani

14:50 – 15:30  Coffee break (overlaps the start of poster session)
15:00 – 17:00   Poster Session 1  
T-1: Sensing Floors for Privacy-Compliant Surveillance of Wide Areas
Martino Lombardi, Augusto Pieracci, Paolo Santinelli, Roberto Vezzani, Rita Cucchiara

T-2: Semi-Supervised Multi-Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification
Dario Figueira, Loris Bazzani, Ha Quang Minh, Marco Cristani, Alexandre Bernardino, Vittorio Murino

T-3: Circularity and Self-Similarity Analysis for the Precise Location of the Pupils
Marco Leo, Cosimo Distante, Dario Cazzato, Tommaso De Marco

T-4: Energy-Aware and Robust Task (Re)Assignment in Embedded Smart Camera Networks
Chuang Ye, Yu Zheng, Senem Velipasalar, M. Cenk Gursoy

T-5: A Proposal of a Solution for Age Band Prediction from Human Faces
Yannick Lufimpu-Luviya, Djamel Merad, Sebastien Paris, Bernard Fertil

T-6: A People Counting System for Business Analytics
Carlo Pane, Marco Gasparini, Andrea Prati, Giovanni Gualdi, Rita Cucchiara

T-7: System and Algorithms on Detection of Objects Embedded in Perspective Geometry Using
Monocular Cameras

Yiliang Xu, Sangmin Oh, Fan Yang, Zhuolin Jiang, Naresh Cuntoor, Anthony Hoogs, Larry Davis

T-8: Energy-Transfer Features and their Application in the Task of Face Detection
Radovan Fusek, Eduard Sojka, Karel Mozdřeň, Milan Šurkala

T-9: AWARE: A Video Monitoring Library Applied to the ATC Context
Guillaume Dumont, François Berthiaume, Louis St-Laurent, Benoît Debaque, Donald Prévost

T-10: Multi-Shot Surf-Based Person Re-Identification via Sparse Representation
Mohamed Ibn Khedher, Mounîm A. el Yacoubi, Bernadette Dorizzi 

T-11: Evaluation of a Monitoring System for Event Recognition of Older People
Carlos Crispim-Junior, Vasanth Bathrinarayanan, Baptiste Fosty, Alexandra Konig, Rim Romdhane, 
Monique Thonnat, 
François Brémond

T-12: Knowledge Modeling for Privacy-by-Design in Smart Surveillance Solution
Krishna Chandramouli, Virginia Fernandez Arguedas, Ebroul Izquierdo

T-13: Multicamera Object Detection and Tracking with Object Size Estimation
Murray Evans, Christopher J. Osborne, James Ferryman 

T-14: Binocular Video Object Tracking with Fast Disparity Estimation
Yun  Ye, Song Ci, Yanwei Liu, Haohong Wang, Aggelos Katsaggelos

T-15: Online Tracking Parameter Adaptation Based on Evaluation
Duc Phu Chau, Julien Badie, François Brémond, Monique Thonnat

T-16: APFel: The Intelligent Video Analysis and Surveillance System for Assisting Human Operators
Alexander Kolarow, Konrad Schenk, Markus Eisenbach, Michael Dose, Michael Brauckmann,
Klaus Debes, Horst-Michael Gross

T-17: Detection and Tracking of Groups in Crowd
Riccardo Mazzon, Fabio Poiesi, Andrea Cavallaro

T-18: Using Face Morphing to Protect Privacy
Pavel Korshunov, Touradj Ebrahimi

T-19: Edge-Segment-Based Background Modeling: Non-parametric Online Background Update
Jaemyun Kim, Adin Ramirez Rivera, Gihun Song, Byungyong Ryu, Oksam Chae

T-20: Recognition of Signed Expressions Observed by Kinect Sensor
Mariusz Oszust, Marian Wysocki

T-21: An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation
Yi Li, Senem Velipasalar, M. Cenk Gursoy

18:00  Bus departure for AVSS-2013 Banquet (departure from the Radisson Blu Hotel) 

  Friday, August 30  
08:00  Registration desk opens

08:30 - 09:00  Poster setup

09:00 – 10:00   Keynote Lecture 3:   "On Gait and Soft Biometrics for Surveillance"
 Speaker: Prof. Mark Nixon, 
University of Southampton, United Kingdom  
 Chair: Bernhard Rinner  

10:00 - 10:20  Coffee break

10:20 – 12:00   Identification and Recognition 
Chair: François Brémond
Gait Recognition Based on Marker-less 3D Motion Capture
Tomasz Krzeszowski, Bogdan Kwolek, Agnieszka Michalczuk, Adam Switoński,  Henryk Josiński

Learning a Bag of Features Based Nonlinear Metric for Facial Similarity
Grégoire Lefebvre, Christophe Garcia

Reference-Based Person Re-Identification
Le An, Mehran Kafai, Songfan Yang, Bir Bhanu

Improved Action Recognition by Combining Multiple 2D Views in the Bag-of-Words Model
Gertjan Burghouts, Pieter Eendebak, Henri Bouma, Johan-Martijn ten Hove

Conditional Bayesian Networks for Action Detection
Furqan Khan, Sung Chun Lee, Ram Nevatia

12:00 - 13:30  Lunch break

13:30 – 15:40  Poster Session 2  
F-1: Activity Recognition and Localization on a Truck Parking Lot
Maria Andersson, Luis Patino, Gertjan Burghouts, Adam Flizikowski, Murray Evans, David Gustafsson,
Henrik Petersson, Klamer Schutte, James Ferryman

F-2: Improvement of the Real-Time Gesture Analysis by a New Mother Wavelet and the Application for
the Navigation Inside a Scale-One 3D System

M. Ali Mirzaei, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet, Frédéric Mérienne, Chrisitian Pére

F-3: Efficient Representation of Distributions for Background Subtraction
Yedid Hoshen, Chetan Arora, Yair Poleg, Shmuel Peleg

F-4: Frame-by-Frame Crowd Motion Classification from Affine Motion Models
Antoine Basset, Patrick Bouthemy, Charles Kervrann

F-5: Real-Time Online Camera Synchronization for Volume Carving on GPU
Torkel Haufmann, André Brodtkorb, Asbjørn Berge, Anna Kim

F-6: Analysis Control Middleware for Large-Scale Video Surveillance
Takeshi Arikuma, Kazuya Koyama, Takatoshi Kitano, Nobuhisa Shiraishi, Yoichi Nagai, Tsunehisa Kawamata

F-7: Towards Real-Time and Low-Latency Video Object Tracking by Linking Tracklets of
Incomplete Detections

Julien A. Vijverberg, Cornelis J. Koeleman, Peter H.N. de With

F-8: Human Action Retrieval via Efficient Feature Matching
Jun Tang, Ling Shao, Xiantong Zhen

F-9: Locality Based Discriminative Measure for Multiple-Shot Person Re-Identification
Wei Li, Yang Wu, Masayuki Mukunoki, Michihiko Minoh

F-10: Enforcing Privacy through Usage Controlled Video Surveillance
Pascal Birnstill, Alexander Pretschner

F-11: Generalized Local N-ary Patterns for Texture Classification
Sheng Wang, Qiang Wu, XiangJian He, Jie Yang

F-12: Video Segmentation with Spatio-Temporal Tubes
Remi Trichet, Ram Nevatia

F-13: Robust Video-Based Face Recognition by Sequential Sample Consensus
Sihao Ding, Ying Li, Junda Zhu, Yuan Zheng, Dong Xuan

F-14: Curvelet Fusion of Panchromatic and SAR Satellite Imagery Using Fractional Lower Order Moments
Odysseas Pappas, Alin Achim, David Bull

F-15: Tree-Based Vehicle Color Classification  Using Spatial Features on Publicly Available Continuous Data
Lisa Brown, Ankur Datta, Sharath Pankanti

F-16: Vehicle Logo Recognition Based on Bag-of-Words
Shuyuan Yu, Shibao Zheng, Hua Yang, Longfei Liang 

F-17: Study on Algorithm for Panoramic Image Basing on High Sensitivity and High Resolution Panoramic
Surveillance Camera

Zhenhai Zhang,  Kejie Li

F-18: Real-Time Video Fire Detection Using Spatio-Temporal Consistency Energy
Panagiotis Barmpoutis, Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Nikos Grammalidis

F-19: Multiple Cue Indexing and Summarization of Surveillance Video
Rubén Heras Evangelio, Ivo Keller, Thomas Sikora

F-20: Activity Recognition and Uncertain Knowledge in Video Scenes
Rim Romdhane, Carlos Crispim-Junior, François Brémond, Monique Thonnat

15:00 – 15:40  Coffee break (overlaps the end of poster session)
15:40 – 17:00  Object Detection 
Chair: Ram Nevatia
Full Body Human Attribute Detection in Indoor Surveillance Environment Using
Color-Depth Information

Hao-Jen Wang, Yen-Liang Lin, Cheng-Yu Huang, Yu-Lin Hou, Winston Hsu

An Efficient Pixel-Wise Method for Moving Object Detection in Complex Scenes
Weiguo Feng, Rui Liu, Baozhi Jia, Ming Zhu

Superpixel-Based Segmentation of Moving Objects for Low Bitrate ROI Coding Systems
Holger Meuel, Matthias Reso, Jörn Jachalsky, Jörn Ostermann

Co-Occurrence-Based Adaptive Background Model for Robust Object Detection
Dong Liang, Shun'ichi  Kaneko, Manabu Hashimoto, Kenji  Iwata, Xinyue Zhao, Yutaka Satoh

17:00  Closing Remarks